Kitty Flanagan – The Live Collection Boxset

Kitty Flanagan – The Live Collection Boxset
Release Date:
16th August 2017
This boxset includes three of Kitty Flanagan’s hilarious live shows:

Charming & Alarming

Charming & Alarming is the definitive collection of Flanagan’s stand-up, honed over years of working the comedy club circuit in the United Kingdom. Wearing a sparkly cardigan and ill fitting trousers, Flanagan delivers a rapid fire 60 minutes of cracking stories, brilliant characterisations and hard laughs. And there’s also a very funny song about underpants.

Hello Kitty Flanagan

On this DVD, Kitty regales you with more funny stories, more physical comedy, an appalling cabaret number and even some fully clothed burlesque dancing. She answers all of life’s big questions like “why are babies so angry?” and “what foods should you avoid on dates?” Plus a couple of funny new songs with Sister Penny and over half an hour of extra special, extra stupid extras.


How can there be so much fun and learning in just 75 minutes? Seriously? You’ll discover everything there is to know about dating a “pleeceman”. Learn how to keep a straight face when doctors use proper words like anus and areola. Find out why dog people are the new cat people, why old people love salt so much and why it’s time newsreaders gave up and let Kitty Flanagan read the nightly news. Plus special guest star Penny Flanagan joins to pay musical tribute to the demographic most often
overlooked by songwriters – the formidable middle age lady.

Kitty Flanagan is touring across Australia. Visit  for tour dates and tickets